It does NOT work on. Comment on this change optional. This only supports USB1. NetGear EA – HighSpeed Hub Bus Device With that driver the device is detected, but it does not seem to be possible to actually put any traffic through it. Faster than the built-in adapter, connects at gigabit rate though iperf tests show about – Mbit speed.

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With last kernel there is no problem and adapter working fine.

Delock Service Driver Adapter / Converter

Works with a Model “A” Pi if plugged into an external maybe unpowered hub. As Moschio suggestion, I tried my Ethernet adapter on Linaro “nano-n- tar In addition, the only ones that truly appear to be 2. Maybe we can share information. If this line is not present, your USB device isn’t being detected at all.

Select it if you have.

Views Page Discussion View source History. This page was last edited on 6 Julyat Choose this option if you’ re using a host – to – host cable based.

RPi USB Ethernet adapters

If you are not sure which one. Choose this option moschpi support the “usb-eth” networking driver. So thanks for all the thoughts on this thread and I’m good to go for my firewall. Views Read View source View history. Examples of such devices are.


I disabled my main board network interface and only use that USB adapter as my Ethernet adapter, I can access Google, can use the IRC, and it also passed the plug out and plug in test mosdhip my computer.

Needed to unplug and plug USB again. The link will appear with a name like “usb0″when the link is. But even set DNS manually, “ping” command doesn’t always work, see log below: Although I got that kernel error message after I execute “ping” command, the “ping” command still can be executed successfully after that kernel error message shows up, and the feedback is correct too.

USB Network devices configuration. Let’s see if this is something specific to the browser There is some excellent information here. Choose this option to support the usb networking links used. It looks like many of these are sold through eBay.

From your side, you can buy 2 different USB Ethernet adapter, 1 is the exactly same as I use; another one is any other adapter which contains the chip we currently support.


Say Y here if you have RTL based usb – ethernet adapter.

MCS7715 — USB 1.1 to Single Serial and Single Parallel Controller

Another thing is about the kernel module “cfg This driver should work with at least the following devices: Thanks to ektoric in the forum for the path explanation http: I haven’t tried any other dongles, so can’t recommend any, sorry Just make sure that any you do get are USB2 devices.

Botao Could you run above without “cfg Contents 1 General remarks 2 Compatible devices 2. I’ve been trying to get more specs on this one, but I can’t find anything usefull: Well, back to the drawing board.

As a workaround, doubling the socket buffer size will prevent the kernel oops: