The moment we discovered that a stripped-down Liquid Mix was to become available, we assumed that the ‘cutting back’ would include some of the compressor and EQ types, so we’re delighted to discover that this isn’t the case. For example, the high-pass filter can be taken from a Focusrite MKII emulation for band one, the low-mid parametric from a Neve emulation for band two, a mid-band from an API emulation for band three and so on until band seven Powered from the FireWire bus. Screen absence aside, there’s almost nothing to distinguish Liquid Mix 16 from the original Liquid Mix. FireWire based control surface with dedicated DSP. Focusrite’s Liquid Mix was originally released in to wide acclaim. Instead, the hardware follows the software selected plug-in. Additionally, the Liquid Mix 16 processes audio at up to a maximum sampling rate of 96kHz, while the Liquid Mix will function up to kHz.

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Liquid Mix 16 takes the very same compressors and equalizers found in the earlier product and provides 16 channels of dynamics and EQ. The Eq’s are slightly iffy however. Although I had spent a lot of time researching this unit and had heard quite a few negatives I decided to take a chance. Pros The best bits of Liquid Mix for much less dough. While the screen dedicated to showing your compression and EQ settings is gone, the metering remains as before. So, what else is different?

The compressors are unbelievable, they sound better than most other plugin emulations and take the strain off the cpu.

All of this is achieved courtesy of the relationship between the plug-ins themselves and the hardware unit which controls them, which is where the processing is carried out. Be the first to review this item. After trouble shooting for 3 hours I finally gave up You can do exactly this, either by selecting a ‘global’ EQ across the board or by piecing together a hybrid EQ solution one band at a time.

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The included external power supply can be utilized in the event that the computer has only a four-pin FireWire connector An optional DSP expansion card is available to increase the maximum channel count at higher sample rates. Instead, if you’re pondering a purchase, you’ve got a simple couple of decisions to make. This means that your CPU will barely register Liquid Mix’s work-rate, ensuring that low latency applications, such as use during tracking, are extremely effective.

The main difference between the Liquid Mix 16 and the Liquid Mix is the number of channels each provides at various sample rates. All-access artist interviews, in-depth gear reviews, essential production tutorials and much more.

Focusrite Liquid Mix 16 – FireWire DSP Processor LIQUID MIX 16

Option to expand to channels of processing. However, if the “FREE” button is active then the compressor emulation will miz all possible available controls with full ranges accessible for use The users can build their own EQs using all of the available seven slots on a single Liquid Mix channel.

The same controls flank the unit, with the bottom row of dials mostly dedicated liquidd control of the compression settings while Gain, Frequency and Q dials allow control of the EQ, along with the EQ Band Select button, which cycles through the focusrit.

FireWire based control surface with dedicated DSP. The Liquid Mix 16 from Focusrite delivers virtual dynamics and EQ processing for DAW applications, based on an unequalled variety of classic signal processor emulations.


Focusrite Liquid Mix 16 review | MusicRadar

Write a review cysczbaqfbtwttxxerbczdbscffrwrrtfysus. You can get fat and warm tones easy.

The second question is more significant, as Liquid Mix’s software GUI provides all of the visual feedback you need and we prefer to check settings on our monitors than on a separate screen anyway. Rated 3 out of 5 by J. The proprietary DSP allows the intensive “Dynamic Convolution” processing that is at the core of the liqkid, to have very little impact on the host computer’s CPU.

Instead, the hardware follows the software selected plug-in. And the really good news? Upon arriving I set it up and everything was installed properly, I opened the unit in logic and everything loaded except the actual emulations.

Update Unrecognized Zip Code. The paragraphic aspect was very minimal, on most you can’t have a high Q and at the end I kept reaching for the stock Logic EQ.


We’ve always been a fan of this on Liquid Mix as Focusrite has taken it seriously. Will you really liqudi the screen? Hopefully focusrite revisits this product in the future with a more modern, kink free unit.

Each of these processes models a specific compressor or EQ via the Dynamic Convolution technology, but rather than simply offering ‘copies’ of the original gear which would be great anywayLiquid Mix allows for ‘extended’ processing.