Fund and plant value ‘. These figures do not include appropriations specially designated for building purposes and therefore should not be com- pared with the figures given in , which do include such appropriations. In —32 it was All State-supported institutions of collegiate grade. Nevada stands at the head of the list each year.

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Since its founding in” The Chicago Tribune ” has been one of the country ‘ s most influential daily newspapersclaiming many firsts in journalism and publishing. Plant and plant funds, and permanent funds, separately ana- lysed 00 6.

Flint tod plint fundi: Changes in phrasing the various items of a questionnaire are made from time to time in order to reflect changing. Firat dacrooa in- erouod by 11, a nia of The Jirst of these matters was studied carefully in connection with the Biennial Survey of Education Jor 19S2S4 and the conclusion was reached that even though the number of institutions reporting may vary from biennium to biennium, comparisons of totals from one biennium to another are not seriously invalidated by that fact.


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SupplMnentary MorriU funds Table Publicly controlled institutions 82 3. IS Connecticut 4 1 e 1 3 3 i Students Table Faculty, students, and degrees,ezs with Property, Part v. It is clear that data on the higher education unit of an organization of this sort are difficidt to segregate.

In the average enroU- ment for each type of junior college was Another type of school failing to supply financial data is the college which occupies quarters jointly with a motherhouse, an orphanage, a Y.

Maine 7, 7. I I ,!

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The slowly increasing percent of men students is also worthy of note. I Table 2883s these instances, and also in the 74 instances in which institutions did not report fordata for were used. Ihia eas that tbo odaeatioaal profnaa of tba ibatltatiooa haao uadorsona aodlfleatioa durlo tba 10 paara bP tba groath of aoao fialda of Inatruetion and bp the daelina of otbara. Socio-economic factora Population changes Income per 2838w. S’8I ” ” “! J jfl5 riiifil’ IT’ i? I ii ill Hill U i: New Jersey New Mexico Data at hand do not offer an explanation ot the fact that from 34 to enrollments of freshmen increased only Finally, although the identical item may be carried in a ques- tionnaire for several years, a change in tabulating the replies may cause an apparent fluctuation in the final results.


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The South Atlantic division shows an increase of 0. Non-deeree irantinr junior colkfee: Students and degrees in professional schools.

Another feature is the numerical relation between summer school enrollment and that in the regular session. Accredited by a national or regional accrediting agency, or by State universities or State departments of education. Junior colleges and nonnal schools: Further details of these enrollments will be found in table 9, page Supplementary MonW funds Table